Zong Advance Balance Code-How to get a Zong Loan?

Nothing is worse than being informed that your phone balance is low when you need to make a phone call. We frequently face such emergency scenarios when we are out of balance and cannot find a balance recharge shop nearby. You no longer need to be concerned as a Zong customer because you can use their advance balance service in an emergency. 


Zong provides the best service possible to its clients to meet their expectations and maintain a favorable customer review. Learn how to get a quick loan from Zong for a call, SMS, or internet service in this guide.


Zong Advance Balance Code 2023

Select a Zong Advance Loan to obtain a quick loan for making calls, sending SMS, and browsing the internet. To better serve its consumers, Zong users can also apply for a larger Super Advance loan.

How to Get Advance in Zong?

There are three ways to obtain a loan from Zong:

1:Using Code

To get Zong advance balance via code, you must complete the following three steps:


  1. Dial *911# on your Zong prepaid SIM card.
  2. Wait for the service confirmation notice to appear.
  3. Take advantage of Instant Credit right immediately.

2:Through SMS

You can also apply for a zong advance balance by sending a blank SMS to 6911. This is the simplest and most popular way among Zong customers.


3:Using the Zong App

The steps to obtaining the Zong advance balance are as follows:


  1. Install the My Zong App.
  2. Navigate to the loan area on the main screen and tap the “Get Loan” button. 
  3. Please keep in mind that you can use the advance loan twice before your next successful recharge.


The following amount is debited from the customer’s account based on their recharge history over the last three months:

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Category Loan Amount(PKR) Service Charges(PKR)
Single Advance Loan 15 4.5+tax
Two Single Advance Loan 30 9+tax
Single Super Advance Loan 30 8+tax
Two Super Advance Loan 60 16+tax


Zong Super Advance Loan


how to get advance in Zong?

If you need a second loan, this Zong Super Advance Loan option will come in handy. This function gives you immediate credit that you can spend for calls, SMS, or data MBs. This service provides you with the possibility to obtain a Rs.60/- advance loan twice. 


eligibility for a double advance request

The following are the eligibility requirements for the Super Advance Loan:


  1. High-Recharge Customer: If your monthly recharge amount has been larger than Rs.660/- in the last three months, you are eligible for a Rs.60/- loan. Each transaction will be charged Rs.30/- per recharge.
  2. Low-Recharge Customer: If your monthly recharge amount is less than Rs.660/-, you are eligible for a Rs.30/- loan. You will be charged a transaction fee of Rs.15/- every recharge.

Each Zong subscriber may use up to two Advance Loan transactions every recharge. You can obtain a loan of Rs.15/- or Rs.30/- every transaction, depending on your eligibility and preference. It all depends on your needs.


How to Apply for a Double Loan?

You can use the methods listed below to receive a double advance on your SIM.


1: Using Code

you can obtain a double zong advance balance via code:

  1. From your Zong sim, dial the Zong Advance Loan code *911#.
  2. If you require a second loan after obtaining the initial loan balance, phone *911# once more.


2:Through SMS

  1. Send a blank SMS to 6911 to start your first loan request.
  2. Once you’ve received your first loan, send another blank SMS to 6911 to request your second loan.


3: Using Zong App

  1. Install the “My Zong App” and navigate to the loan section on the home screen.
  2. To request your first advance, click the “Get Loan” button.
  3. After obtaining your first advance balance, tap the “Get Loan” button once more to receive your second advance balance.


Service Charges

The Advance Service Fee for regular customers is Rs.4.5 + tax for every Advance Loan transaction. The price for individuals who choose the Super Advance Loan is Rs.8 + tax for each transaction. 


Terms & Conditions

  • Customers who have recharged more than PKR 660 in the last three months are entitled to a Super advance loan of PKR 60, i.e. PKR 30 per loan transaction for each recharge.
  • Customers having a recharge history of less than PKR 660 in the last three months can get a PKR 30 loan or PKR 15 for each loan transaction. 
  • Customers of Zong can now make two Advance Loan transactions each recharge.
  • For each Advance Loan transaction, standard customers pay PKR 4.5 + tax.
  • The advance service fee for super-advanced customers is PKR 8 + tax for each advance loan transaction.
  • Customers can apply for one or two Advance Loans, depending on their financial situation.


We’ve detailed several methods for obtaining an advance in your sim. Getting a loan on Zong is simple, whether you use the code, SMS, or app method. Furthermore, the network’s commitment to providing you with flexibility and options is demonstrated by the double advance function. 



 How much do Zong Advance Loans cost?

Customers with low-value accounts pay PKR 4.5 + Tax per loan transaction, whereas customers with high-value accounts pay PKR 8 + Tax every loan transaction.


What is the Advance Loan amount?

The Advance Loan amount is PKR 30 total for Standard Value Customers and PKR 60 total for High-Value Customers. Customers will receive PKR 15 per loan transaction in the standard value segment and PKR 30 per loan transaction in the high-value segment, with a maximum of two advance loan transactions allowed on a single recharge.


How to take Super Advance Loans?

Customers who have recharged at least PKR 660 in the last three months are eligible for a Super Advance loan; however, both Advance Loans must be activated separately.


What is the payback amount?

The minimum recharge required for a standard Advance loan (PKR 30) is PKR 50. Customers must recharge a minimum of PKR 100 for a Super Advance Loan (PKR 60). 


Who can avail Advance Loan?

Advance loans are only available to Zong prepaid customers.

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