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Shahid Afridi

Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi, also known as Boom Boom Afridi, debuted in cricket on February 24, 1980, in the busy city of Karachi, Pakistan. Afridi displayed an instinctive enthusiasm for cricket from childhood, which would characterize his incredible path. Growing up in Karachi, his tremendous potential became apparent as he quickly progressed through the ranks of local cricket teams. 

Alfridi’s spectacular career began in 1996 when he made his international debut for Pakistan in a One-Day International (ODI) against Kenya at 16. This early international debut signaled the start of a fantastic career that would see Afridi become a cricketing superstar with a global fan base.


Shahid Afridi Net Worth

With an estimated worth of $47 Million (USD), Shahid Afridi is one of the richest cricketers in Pakistan.

Afridi’s sources of income include match fees received over the course of his two-decade career, brand endorsements, different foundations established by the all-rounder, and his own companies.


Shahid Afridi Net Worth in Pakistani Rupees

Shahid Afridi net worth is 4.3 billion pakistani rupees (PKR).


Cricketing Earning

Afridi’s primary source of income stems from his successful cricket career. Afridi earned large match fees and endorsements while representing Pakistan in multiple international matches. His constant excellent performances and global recognition established him as one of the most sought-after cricketers, which significantly aided his financial situation.


Brand Endorsements

Shahid Afridi Brand Endorsements

Afridi’s engaging personality and widespread fame extend beyond the confines of the cricket pitch, establishing him as a sought-after corporate ambassador. His commercial effect has played a critical role in increasing his total net worth, with endorsements ranging from beverages to garments and sports equipment.



Afridi has diversified his financial portfolio by engaging in a variety of business endeavors, demonstrating a talent for entrepreneurship. His ownership of a real estate company, a restaurant chain, and a clothing line demonstrates his astute investing decisions. These businesses not only add to his financial success but also highlight his versatility as an entrepreneur.


Philanthropic Contributions

Despite his financial achievements, Afridi maintains a great commitment to philanthropy. He established the Shahid Afridi Foundation, a non-profit organization, to help provide education and healthcare to poor children in Pakistan. This constant commitment to social concerns adds another layer to Afridi’s legacy, garnering admiration that stretches far beyond the cricketing world.


Shahid Afridi Legacy

Shahid Afridi went from dreamer to cricket icon and entrepreneur with a diverse net worth. His achievements and endorsements show his commercial acumen, but his impact goes beyond just financial success.

Shahid Afridi’s philanthropic efforts through the Shahid Afridi Foundation showcase his character and values. He’s a role model who excels in cricket and has a profound sense of responsibility towards uplifting communities and making a positive impact on society. He embodies the concept of holistic success, leaving a significant societal legacy for future generations.

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 Shahid Afridi Biography 

Shahid Afridi’s father’s name is Sahabzada Fazal-ul-Rehman Afridi, and he rarely speaks about his mother.

Tariq Afridi, Iqbal Afridi, Mushtaq Afridi, Ashfaq Afridi, Shoaib Afridi, and Javed Afridi are his four sisters and six brothers.

Maulana Muhammad Ilyas, his grandfather, was a well-known spiritual figure in Bhutan Sharif, a hamlet in the Tirah Valley, and he came from a family of Sufi pirs (teachers or spiritual masters).

His other grandfather, Sahibzada Abdul Baqi, was given the title Ghazi-e-Kashmir (Kashmir Conqueror) for his achievements during the 1947-1948 Indo-Pakistani War.


Shahid Afridi Wife

Shahid Afridi Wife

Afridi married to his cousin.His wife’s name is Nadia Afridi.


Shahid Afridi Daughter

Shahid Afridi Daughter

Shahid Afridi has Five Daughters. Their names are Ansha Afridi, Aqsa Afridi, Asmara Afridi,Ajwa Afridi, and Arwa Afridi.

Shahid Afridi House

Shahid Afridi owns a lavish bungalow in Karachi. Also, he owns a luxurious house in Peshawar.


Shahid Afridi Cars

Shahid Afridi’s passion for cars and bikes is well known.

Shahid Afridi Cars

Afridi’s cars collection includes a Toyota Land Cruiser V8, a Prado TZ, a Bentley Continental, a Porsche Panamera, and a Range Rover Vogue. He was dubbed ‘Boom Boom’ for his effervescent style of batting during his heyday.

He also owns expensive motorcycles such as the Harley Davidson V-Rod, Yamaha V Star 650, and Suzuki Hayabusa.


Shahid Afridi Charity

In 2014, the former Pakistan captain established the ‘Shahid Afridi Foundation’ (SAF). The foundation’s goal is to raise funds to give healthcare, education, and basic necessities to impoverished children in Pakistan through fundraising dinners.

Shahid Afridi Charity

Afridi was named one of the world’s most generous athletes by Forbes in 2015.

As the global epidemic terrorized the world in 2020, the Shahid Afridi Foundation worked tirelessly to deliver rations and other essential necessities to the impoverished.


Is there a book written about Shahid Afridi?

Of course, as one of the greatest cricketers in history, Shahid Afridi has his own autobiography.

Wajahat S. Khan’s “Game Changer” was released in 2019.

The book depicts the life of one of the most contentious yet powerful personalities in Pakistan’s cricket history.


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