Ismail blogger – A well-known personality in blogging

Ismail Ismail blogger is a well-known blogger. You may have witnessed people in your life who face challenges but quickly overcome them to become successful. Mohammad Ismail is one of them. He changed his life through the internet, and he is now known as one of Pakistan’s best bloggers.

 Ismail faced many difficulties in his childhood. He is known as the “Ismail blogger” because of his outstanding efforts in the blogging area. In this article, I will tell you about Ismail’s success story. How did he get success and become such a well-known figure in Pakistan?


Who is Ismail Blogger?

ismail blogger

Muhammad Ismail is a well-known blogger who is a successful freelancer. He is from the KPK district of Swabi. Ismail graduated from high school with honors and was accepted into the Institute of Management Sciences in Peshawar.

Ismail’s blogger rejected many job offers because he wanted to start their own business and help others. Ismail has created many courses on topics such as blogging, affiliate marketing, and so on.

Many bloggers covered Ismail, and the US Government invited him to meet with entrepreneurs, founders, and businesses. Ismail appeared on numerous shows, including Radio Pakistan, Voice of America, and Mashriq TV.


Ismail Blogger Journey


The journey of Ismail started when his father died and he was in the 6 class. Ismail’s mother 

Borrowed money from others for his education which was a very hard time for his family of Ismail. Even getting two meals a day became difficult.

So, to progress, Ismail begins selling books and notes. In this way, he begins to assist his family in meeting their financial demands. Ismail eventually started selling cellphone accessories and other tech-related products. He rose to prominence in the mobile area. As a result, people begin referring to him as Guru.


During his difficult time, Ismail received an email saying, “If you want to earn money online, contact us.”  This message changed Ismail’s life. He begins working and learning online. So Ismail begins his online journey in this manner.


How did he begin his work?


Ismail began his internet career with PPC (Pay Per Click). He learns after a while that he is investing in the wrong site. As a result, he discontinued work on it. begins investing in a new HIYP (High Yield Investment Program). He is successful this time. He earned over $3000 in just 45 days. However, in this scenario, after some time, he understands that this method of earning is not allowed in Islam. He also saw that the probability of loss is far greater than the probability of profit. As a result, he discontinued work on that site.

After that, He attempts to sell cracked software but is unsuccessful. He also failed to launch a blog called Mashable. pk.

After so many setbacks, his pals encouraged him to start blogging under his name. Finally, he begins to work on his blog Techvela. Techvela is similar to an instructional blog in that it teaches you how to earn money online and how to avoid scams

The Event -A Platform for Sharing Knowledge


Muhammad Ismail Blogger had a significant impact on the industry of affiliate blogging and online marketing. His competence and teaching manner have earned him a large following.

As a result of his YouTube channel and Udemy courses, he has taught over 90,000 pupils online, not only in Pakistan but also globally. Ismail will be a featured speaker at a forthcoming event, addressing the audience on the topic of “Flipping Online Assets and Making 30X More Profit.”

Achievements of Ismail Blogger

Achievements of Ismail Blogger


Ismail is a well-known freelancer, blogger, and motivational speaker. The following are some of Ismail’s achievements in his career.


  • In 2013, Ismail Blogger was ranked 12th among Pakistan’s top bloggers, while in 2014, he was ranked 10th. In 2016, he ranked 9th in blogging.
  • Ismail received the Award of best idea presenter in a competition held in KPK by Peshawar in 2014.
  • Ismail made a lot of money from his blogs.
  • In 2013, Ismail was selected as an incubate at the Entrepreneurship Development Center.
  • Tribune and Techjuice both featured Ismail.
  • Ismail has a professional team of writers and bloggers. who is working on his blogs  Bloggingdesk and Diaryinc.


Ismail Blogger Net Worth


Muhammad Ismail is a Pakistani blogger, Youtuber,Influencer,Vlogger and Digital Markter.

Ismail Blogger is a Pakistani YouTube channel with over 99.90K subscribers. It started 6 years ago and has 1080 uploaded videos. The net worth of Ismail Blogger’s channel is $14,542.He is the CEO of Learn Online. pk.




Ismail Blogger’s websites and Udemy courses showcase his expertise and commitment to imparting valuable knowledge. Through active teaching methods, Ismail Blogger ensures his students receive practical insights, making him a trusted educator in the digital realm. Explore Ismail Blogger’s wealth of resources for a transformative learning experience. What is your excuse, if Ismail can do it? Don’t make excuses, make money, and change your life.

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