Homeworkify: An AI Tool To Make Your Homework Easy For You

For many students, homework is a difficult pill to swallow. It can be challenging to answer all the Math problems, a tricky essay topic, or a difficult Chemistry calculation. Even your older sister or mother can only sometimes assist you. So, in that case, Homeworkify comes to the rescue.

It is an AI tool that helps you receive answers to your difficult homework questions in minutes. It is a free and dependable tool for making your assignments easier. This useful tool provides step-by-step instructions. It also provides detailed explanations. There are a variety of tools and apps available to help you learn more effectively.

What is Homeworkify?

It is a free AI tool that delivers immediate homework solutions. You can receive quick responses by entering the direct link to your question. Also, use its Q&A search engine to uncover step-by-step homework problems and solutions that are related to your question. You may also Unblur Answers, Unlock Full Answers, Unlock Document Links, and do other things for free.


Features of Homeworkify AI

homeworkify Ai

Homework Solver

Homeworkify AI will provide you with step-by-step solutions and explanations about your challenging homework problems.


Wide Subject Coverage

It has access to extensive resources for math, physics, history, language competency assessments, and other subjects. Students can use this application to prepare for language proficiency assessments.



This website provides a user-friendly experience. Users can easily get familiar with its interface and enjoy its many features.


Comprehensive Study Materials

Improve your learning and exam preparation by using a variety of study materials.


Unblur Answers

Remove the blur from the answers and reveal the complete content for better comprehension.

Unlock Documents

Unlock document links inside Homeworkify to gain access to relevant resources.


Uncover Hidden Content

View the answer’s hidden text to get the full context of a question.


View Blurred And Hidden Text

You can view the answer’s hidden text to obtain the complete context of a question.


What Are The Uses of This Tool?

  • Students who need urgent assistance with difficult homework problems can rely on Homeworkify’s step-by-step solutions.
  • Individuals who are experiencing blurred or concealed answers can use Homeworkify to unblur content and acquire a thorough grasp.
  • Exam preparation is made more effective by using Homeworkify to obtain study materials and resources from numerous subjects.
  • Language learners can benefit from Homeworkify’s huge library of language-related questions and answers.
  • Unlocking document links in Homeworkify allows users to have access to relevant resources and broaden their knowledge base.
  • It allows researchers or anyone researching specific topics to uncover buried knowledge and acquire more insights.
  • Homeworkify’s free homework question-and-answer materials help students on their learning journey.


Homeworkify AI Pricing

Homeworkify AI provides users with a variety of subscription levels. You can select your desired plan from the list below:


Basic – Free plan with access to an AI math solver, a scanner, and a few other tools.

Plus – $9.99 a month – Everything in Basic plus access to the learning dashboard, practice problems, quizzes, and so on.

Premium – $19.99 a month – All of the features of Plus, plus access to live online learning classes.



The Homeworkify online homework help portal provides students with a variety of materials to help them succeed. It might be a useful tool for students who are struggling with their assignments or need assistance preparing for exams. However, it is critical to understand Homeworkify’s limits and to utilize it in conjunction with other study approaches.



Is Homeworkify Safe?

Homeworkify AI is a dependable and safe tool. You can download it from the Google Play Store without worrying about hackers or attackers. It protects your conversations and data.


Why Homeworkify is Not Working?

Homeworkify Net was not working due to technical issues that the team resolved, and the website is now operational.


What Are the Best Homeworkify Alternatives?

Chegg / Coursehero Solutions (Discord Server) is the best Homeworkify alternative.


Websites Like Homeworkify

The following are the best alternatives:

  • AcademicHelp
  • Coursera
  • Khan Academy 
  • Chegg
  • CliffsNotes
  • SparkNotes
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • StudyStack


Is Homeworkify Legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate platform.


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