Hisham Sarwar- A Freelancer Aspiration from Nothing to Millionaire

Do you want to know more about Hisham Sarwar and freelancing? You’ve come to the right place. This article will explain Hisham Sarwar’s work in e-commerce in detail. Hisham Sarwar is a well-known freelancer who runs one of Pakistan’s largest e-commerce businesses. He established the “Pakistani Freelancers Association” and actively pushed freelancing in Pakistan.


Hisham Sarwar runs one of Pakistan’s largest e-commerce platforms. He is attempting to provide Pakistanis with the most up-to-date E-commerce expertise.


He says, “As far as I’m concerned if you can adapt your enthusiasm, it’s far superior to an all-day occupation and working for somebody”.


Hisham Sarwar’s Biography

Hisham Sarwar biography

Hisham Sarwar was born in 1988 in Lahore, Pakistan. He was educated in Lahore and then went on to study computer science at the University of Punjab. Hisham Sarwar began his work as a software developer after finishing university. He worked in the IT industry for several years before moving toward freelancing. He has made substantial contributions to the Pakistani freelancing business since that time.


Hisham Sarwar’s freelance career

Hisham Sarwar started his journey from a US-based company. After a short period, He left his 9-5 job to have more freedom and started freelancing as a web designer in 2001 when such opportunities were rare.

He began as a graphic designer on Fiverr under the name Hisham Sarwar almost two decades ago. Having established himself in the field, he founded his own company, Infomist. 

His hard work and dedication helped him gain the trust of his clients and secure additional jobs, which enabled him to create job opportunities for the unemployed. Afterward, he employs young people through his company Infomist. As a result, Guru.com is one of the top ten service providers.

Hisham Sarwar’s Freelancing Websites

Hashim Sarwar’s freelance websites are listed below.

being guru Hisham Sarwar website

  • BeingGuru
  • Work Chest
  • Rozgar Pakistan
  • Infomest.com

Major Contributions of Hisham Sarwar to the Freelance Industry

The following are some of Hisham Sarwar’s important contributions to the Freelance Industry in Pakistan.


Pakistan Freelancers Association

In 2013, he established the first-ever dedicated organization for Pakistani freelancers i.e. Pakistani Freelancers Association (PFA).

International Clients

He worked hard to bring international clients and work opportunities to Pakistani freelancers. As a result, freelancers benefit from the struggle.


New Startup

As a mentor, investor, and event organizer, he has constantly contributed to the growth of Pakistan’s startup ecosystem.



Hisham Sarwar has also worked to raise awareness of freelancing and its benefits in Pakistan through a variety of platforms, including workshops, seminars, publications, social media, and so on.


Hisham was able to gain clients from all over the world while working as a freelancer. He has worked on several large-scale projects. He now serves as president of the Pakistani Freelancers Association (PFA).


YouTube Channel of Hisham Sarwar


Hisham Sarwar is the name of the YouTube channel.


  • The total number of subscribers is 567K.
  • On July 17, 2006, it was founded.
  • There are around 27,257,047 panoramic views.


Achievements of Hisham Sarwar

Hisham Sarwar achievements


Sarwar has been a valuable addition to Pakistan’s freelancing industry, and he has received the following honors for his efforts.


Global Impact Award by Upwork

Hisham Sarwar received the “Global Impact Award” from the largest freelancing platform, “Upwork,” in 2015. This award is granted to freelancers who have had a significant impact on the freelancing business.


named in the Top 100 Freelance Influencers by Freelancer.com

Hisham Sarwar was also recognized as one of the “Top 100 Influencers” in this field by Freelance.com in 2016. At the time, he was only 28 years old. He is the only Pakistani on the list of the most important persons in the freelance sector.

Rising Star Award to Hisham Sarwar

In 2017, he received the “Rising Star Award” from the Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA), which recognizes young entrepreneurs who are having a significant effect on Pakistan’s IT industry via their efforts and achievements.

Featured in International Publications

Hisham Sarwar, a well-known figure in Pakistan’s freelancing industry, has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post for promoting the country’s startup ecosystem. He has played a major role in the growth of the freelancing sector and is an inspiration to all Pakistani entrepreneurs.


Being Guru by Hisham Sarwar

He founded “Being Guru,” where he began offering free coaching to Pakistani freelancers. This program helps all freelancers improve their abilities and knowledge of freelancing. This effort also assisted many Pakistani freelancers in getting started in their careers. He is allowing you to connect with him on a more personal level. His website, “Being Guru,” gives a place for all Pakistani freelancers to connect with and learn from him.


Hisham Sarwar’s platforms for students and newcomers


Hisham Sarwar has worked on various platforms to assist students and newcomers who are interested in freelancing. He is a freelancer mentor who wrote “The Freelancer’s Bible,” a guide for beginners. He has conducted workshops and seminars in various educational institutions to educate students about the opportunities that freelancing provides.


Hisham Sarwar’s YouTube Channel


Hisham Sarwar has a YouTube account as well. On his YouTube channel, he offers suggestions and advice to freelancers and other entrepreneurs. He discusses time management, productivity, marketing, and other topics on this channel. You can learn about freelancing and how to earn money online by visiting His YouTube channel.


Hisham Sarwar’s Podcast


He also runs a podcast called “The Freelancing Podcast.” He interviews successful freelancers and entrepreneurs from all over the world on this podcast. All successful freelancers share their stories and experiences on their route to success in these interviews.


Hisham Sarwar’s Coaching Programs

Hisham Sarwar also provides coaching sessions for freelancers and entrepreneurs looking to grow their enterprises. All of these coaching packages include themes such as time management, marketing, and productivity, among others.


Inspiring and motivational words of Hisham Sarwar


Hisham Sarwar once said:

“People who used to work for me now make more money as freelancers than I do.”

“One can earn in one month what one might earn in six months in an office.”

“Know your work and your worth.”

“We can increase IT revenue by relying on external equipment and providing more value-added services.”

“I love to share my knowledge.”




Hisham Sarwar is a role model for all aspiring freelancers. He, too, started at the bottom and is now the CEO of one of Pakistan’s largest e-commerce sites. He is now training newbies, and many of his students are becoming successful. His life is an example for those newbies who wish to start freelancing but are terrified of failing.

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